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We’re a team of 5 badass women who will be your sommelier’s to the marketing world. We work and whiteboard together at our 9-5 everyday in B2B marketing. We’re a small, scrappy team that’s picked up a few secret hacks along the way. And we want to share our crazy ideas with you! Let’s call it, an anything but ordinary guide to marketing and design.

From Chardonnay to Rose, we’ve got your marketing sips and design tips. Now that’s worth raising a glass to. So grab your favorite vino & join us!

Meet the W&W Team

July 6, 2020

Meet Charlotte


Charlotte’s been around the block a few times, and picked up some great titles along the way like Leader, Mentor, and Inspirer just to name a few! On her marketing journey, she's earned hella respect and gained somewhat of a cult following of resilient women along the way. She jokes about building her empire, but it’s no coincidence she has some royal traits, her favorite color is purple and rumor has it her two corgis share a bloodline with those of the queen. Charlotte believes learning never stops, so you'll find her listening to a new podcast or reading a book, while indulging in anything with chocolate and peanut butter.


Meet Sarah


Did you know that 3% of the ice in the Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine? Well, Sarah does! But interesting facts are not her only claim to fame. Sarah is also a kickass marketing/event planning/community building connoisseur. She is a continuous learner (ask for her audible recommendations) and always looking for process improvements - for teammates, clients, or herself. Sarah is sweet and caring, and the word team player was created for her. But she's also a scrappy little bitch that doesn't take any crap! When Sarah's not being a badass at work, you can find her camping, kayaking, or hiking.


Meet Paige



Paige blends beautiful design with intentional business goals. She brings ideas to life that drives real results. Fueled by Diet Coke, Paige has danced between B2B and B2C markets, and has the lessons learned to prove it. Whether it’s branding, website design, subscription boxes or a crazy, out-of-the-box idea, you can bet Paige is going to take it to a level you didn’t think possible. When she’s not high-fiving her Aussie-Doodle or jet-setting to a new destination, she’s a girl boss that knows what she wants and knows how to get sh*t done in the most awe-inspiring way.


 Meet Katie



Katie is a firecracker! So you better take her 5 feet of marketing muscle seriously. But don’t be fooled, she’s wholesome and family-focused (ask about her killer work-life balance). She has charm in spades and is a jack-of-all trades ROCKSTAR that gets shit done. A real people person, social media guru, kickass event planner & more. Passionate about not wasting time, she believes any meeting without food should be an email. Hobbies include itching for another vacation and being a true animal lover. Instagram dog mom by night. Her Frenchie, Pablo, is just as posh as she is.


 Meet Kelly


Kelly used to think of herself as a one-woman wolf pack. Now, she's officially the newest member to our team and finally has a pack to call her own. With her years of experience, she knows the ins and outs of the business. She (quite literally) built our training program from the bottom up and can teach you a thing or two on video editing, keynote speaking, and how to WOW your customers. Kelly also isn't afraid to share her successes and failures along the way. She's a dog mom, podcast host, and a killer training specialist.